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Damn I'm back in 2005, the pan and rotation are some of my first watches on ng. Still just as entertaining and claustrophobic! While I was watching my mind thought of a version of the same animation without the blob. Would be pretty tripping, welcome back!

FelixMassie responds:

Wow, it's really nice to know you remember them! Glad you enjoyed it just as much - thank you for the review and the welcome!

Was that Miles Silvas hah. Cool loop man, would be nice to see without the camera movement which distracts from the animation.

Lepompier responds:

yep it is! lol i got all ocd about ppl seeing the the board flip. Thanks for the kind word man

I'll just say that prowlie climbing up the tree had me replaying a couple times, so smooth! This turned out amazing and hope your work with unreal and toonboom leads to further success in the series, will be keeping a cheeky look out on twitch!

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Completed with enjoyment

Made it through all 8 acts and was a challenge at some parts. But it was very fun through out, It was always fresh and I particularly liked the ice block levels, made it much harder for the character to get around. Well done for creating so many unique levels, hope to see more. P.s- you were right to caution people, it's really frustrating! :)


Amazing sequel, there are so many options to try out with its own unique humour and action. Graphics and sound were all clean and clear, its something I would retry over and over without getting bored. Welldone

PuffballsUnited responds:

Really? I'm glad. This was a good review.

Very addictive

Very fun, constantly pressing z has never been so fun haha.
Well done with your game sakupen.
Keep it up.

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Really good

I dont really review audios that much. But this is one of the best ive heard. Welldone.

Fanautic responds:

Thanks :D

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Excellent lighting and line work as always! Madness and Frank Miller need a crossover!

Oh wow, i was wondering what happened with the production on this. So happy it's being released. Cant wait man.

Nice wrinkle work on the clothes, who's the little dude in the bag!?

OldManCricky responds:

Haha thank you! I'm working more on the cell-shading style as you can tell.

The little guy in the bag is a little easter egg to an upcoming animated series. That's "Lil' Nukem" from the "Crossover Combat" series. You'll hear more about it pretty soon :3

Keep doing the stupid!

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