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Damn I'm back in 2005, the pan and rotation are some of my first watches on ng. Still just as entertaining and claustrophobic! While I was watching my mind thought of a version of the same animation without the blob. Would be pretty tripping, welcome back!

FelixMassie responds:

Wow, it's really nice to know you remember them! Glad you enjoyed it just as much - thank you for the review and the welcome!

Was that Miles Silvas hah. Cool loop man, would be nice to see without the camera movement which distracts from the animation.

Lepompier responds:

yep it is! lol i got all ocd about ppl seeing the the board flip. Thanks for the kind word man

I'll just say that prowlie climbing up the tree had me replaying a couple times, so smooth! This turned out amazing and hope your work with unreal and toonboom leads to further success in the series, will be keeping a cheeky look out on twitch!

Glad I caught this on the ng twitter feed, seeing original comedy done well is a needle in a haystack. It's very easy to resort to parodying whats trendy so it's cool to see this animation as it's own thing. The characters all balance well off each other and with this being the first episode i've watched i could still see their own unique traits which make this compelling to see more. Visually it's a nice style with some smooth fbf work a long with the painted bg look. I will be catching up on the ones I havent seen and look forward to more of your work. Awesome job dude.

Beautiful to look at, really enjoyed this one mainly for the slick line work on the characters. That really topped it and getting that detailed anime style shading down. All the voice actors were hilarious and gotta give it to stamper for that joey impression. Really cool to see the progression of this animation and the end result was damn impressive. Look forward to many more great projects.

Glued to my screen! Team did an amazing job with this story, the pacing was well thought out and the use of various interesting camera angles only complimented the fluid animation and effects even more. Also great work with the soundtracks to heighten the build up and tension. Insane work guys!

Atzu responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!

Just as fun watching the streams as well as the finished product. Great to see this series return a long with the effort that goes into it.

chluaid responds:

thanks for watching the streams!

Amazing work, not just with this episode but will all the legacy animations since Edd passed away. It's been awesome seeing the effort by everyone to put these together, especially with this finale. Some animation sequences in this had me rewinding to appreciate it again! Definitely a satisfying conclusion for this series. Time to start my nostalgia trip thinking back to Newgrounds in 2005 with dudette next door, good times.

I can't imagine how long this took you, this is the best tribute animation I've seen, and who better to tribute to then xiao xiao. The movements looked complicated enough in the original, but with full bodied characters it's on another level. Welldone guys, insane!

Great point made for all the unworthy kickstarters out there. But anyway as usual the smoothness in the animation and clean line art always impresses me. Where it seems easy to just let the character talk like a still image you have a great method for emphasising each piece of dialogue whether it's with hand gestures or facial expressions. Amazing effort!

Keep doing the stupid!

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