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Squirrels Nuts Blown off

2016-09-17 16:01:06 by Rees303

Avengers Parody very nearly done, can't wait to release it (as you can see a squirrels nuts have been blown to bits by Iron Man) Good stuff coming!1180771_147414241782_Avengerspreview.jpg

Avengers Parody in progress/ tedious process

2015-03-24 15:09:35 by Rees303

Since November I've been working on an Avengers Parody which is going well and will hopefully be funny. I stupidly decided a couple weeks ago to use coloured lines and shading rather than just plain black outlines. Which is what the tedious process is, it makes the animation look much better but Is a long process, I think I've seen coloured lines done a couple times like in the Brackenwood series. As well as it being funny I want it to look good. I've almost caught up with colouring and shading what I've animated so far and then I can continue animating it. Looking forward to being done with this one!

Don't miss when It comes out:



Out Now 'Normality of Youtube'

2014-10-28 14:20:58 by Rees303

Click the banner and find out where YouTube will be in the next decade!


I'm getting anxious to finally release my Youtube Parody animation. It's so close to be being done. It's where I think Youtube will be in 10 years. Look out for it!1180771_141296565763_CompletePoster.jpg

I now animate live, come chat!

2014-08-21 16:36:18 by Rees303

(Animating Youtube Parody- Where I think the website will be in 10 years)



Halo 5 Parody out now!

2014-07-12 11:19:39 by Rees303

Two dudes purchase Halo 5 with different intentions. After seeing so many comments obsessed over Cortana I animated how I think they act with Halo.

Facebook Obsession! (Animated)

2014-06-28 21:00:57 by Rees303

Finished a new animation about obsessive Facebook users, check out the truth!

Recently finished a new animation and it's a special one for me because it has no fart jokes. Just a nice story about a farmer who has lost his watch and enlists a group of kids to find it. If you were expecting fart jokes don't watch it.

Check it out :)

First submission in two years

2013-09-04 17:26:44 by Rees303

Its been a long time since i've submitted to Newgrounds. So happy to have released this new series created by myself and my friend Peter which we have been working on the last couple of months. It's about the life of two oridnary skateboarders in a mix of the normal and bizarre. So go check it out in this link Dude Where's My Board Ep1.

If you like the series be sure to look out for more animations at our Youtube Channel. You can also follow me on twitter for updates on the series, a lot more to come from this. Great to be back!

First submission in two years